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Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Services are paramount to all services offered by ADEPT Consulting(UK).

Engineered projects are completed to the highest of standards, this ensures the clients specification and expectations are delivered, whilst at the same time meeting all industry regulations.

Our extensive experience, accumulated through working within architectural and structural consultancies as well as the particular frame solutions manufacturing facilities over many years, ensures that we are ready and capable to work with you on your next project in order to deliver a tailored solution.

As a result of the above as a team we are able to consider all other technical design elements, that could show significant benefits through the use of the main structure being designed in offsite technologies.

Our team is made up of 20+ structural engineers across two UK offices and includes team members with the direct manufacturing experience.

Services included are:

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Working alongside ADEPT Consulting (UK) Ltd gives you, our client access to a truly tailored set of services for your offsite construction project, with our vast knowledge of products, clients get a value proposition and the surety that all services they are under one roof.