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Our inhouse expertise in offering engineering advice at conceptual stage is unprecedented and ensures the project considers all options as early as possible, therefore eliminating any wasted design resource/time. Our approach and extensive knowledge in different techniques are proven and are based on years of experience, offering a flexible approach being able to fully take the lead or to work within an integrated team of professionals for our client. 

With the earliest possible involvement brings the greatest opportunity for innovation, therefore ensuring minimal or no cost implication – we explore every available option for each construction technology and select/recommend the one/s best suited to the project.


We can then progress a feasibility study that aims to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each available option objectively and rationally, including opportunities and any challenges that may present themselves as each technology is considered. Offsite construction offers wide range of building technologies, however not all are suited for every single project, in some cases it maybe that there is a need to consider more than one technology to realise the optimum solution through hybrid design.

At completion of these considerations, we can produce a project brief that the client can evaluate technically and commercially.

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Working alongside ADEPT Consulting (UK) Ltd gives you, our client access to a truly tailored set of services for your offsite construction project, with our vast knowledge of products, clients get a value proposition and the surety that all services they are under one roof.

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