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Cold Rolled Steel Structures

Cold Rolled Steel Structures and/or Light Gauge Steel Frames have been significant part of ADEPT Consulting(UK)Ltd suit of services in offsite construction.

Commonly considered to be the newcomer, cold rolled steel sections utilised within a structural frame have actually been with us for many years, but its only more recently they have been considered as they are today, due to the development of the product, allowing a greater design solution to be unrolled (excuse the pun).

Known more these days as light gauge steel framing or LGSF, the product is arguably the fastest growing structural solution within UK construction. The advent of some much bigger entrants to market has given the solution more traction, as whilst it may have been considered technically sound in the past, it is seen as commercially sound as well now.

Adept Co has a depth of experience designing structural solutions utilising this innovative framing material, working directly for some of the biggest manufacturers/installers in the UK. Our engineers in some cases have started their working life directly within a manufacturing environment, so fully understand the materials capabilities and how it is produced, from coil form to the finished assembled article.

The introduction of its own trade association has also assisted since its inception in June 2019.

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To fully utilise these construction methods they have to be considered Pre RIBA stage 3 and the client and architect benefit from structural engineering support earlier, with Adept Co, we can review a project and offer product delivery advice before the design is to commence.